Brent Knoll - Blossom
Pruning, grafting the blue sky
Bees blossom like confetti
Green grass beautiful
Six different apples on one tree

The trees are big and beautiful
With blue skies and green grass
The wind carries the blossom to the floor

The tree leans to one side like an old man standing

Standard size apple orchard
150 trees
20 different varieties Morgan sweet
ellis bitter, major, yarlington mill
Harry masters, Michelin Man, sweet
Coppin, Dabinett, Brown Snout, Tom Put
-- Chloe Crandon --

Bored of blossom
Talked to blossom
Blossom didn't listen to me
Shake that blossom
Rake that blossom
Shake it till it runs free
-- Harry Gough --

Blossom is pink, snow is white
And it makes a beautiful flower
I grow on trees and fall to the floor
When the wind blows me
Just like if someone sneezes

I just say fall on me, fall on me
Go ahead, do it
I will just wait here till next year
And wait for some more blossom.
-- Alice Hartland --

Group Poems
Blossom in a sea of wind
Green grass and blue sky
The blossom comes from Brent Knoll
And some smelly cow pats
The trees are covered with pink confetti from head to toe.

The colourful buds are forming
Blossom dropping everywhere,
The wind is like a friend
Pink blossom and butter yellow buttercups
Now my coat is white as snow
Sneeze of blossom
(I need cider I need cider)
three thousand bees have just blossomed all my trees
Blossom falls to the ground like an avalanche
I will just wait here.

Apple trees are big
Apple trees are small
Lots of trees all around
All the trees are fairly white
An pink, funky pink
Mother nature has been working hard
Big bees, small bees
Pink blossom, pink blossom I love thee.

Old tree, old tree don't fall on me
Birds tweeting amongst the bees
Bees are buzzing everywhere
Whizzing here and whizzing there
Blossom makes me feel young
I'll fly back and tell the other bees
Blossom blows around

Morgan sweet comes to visit
The major lets go his pollen
Gentle wind
Sea of blossom
Future has its changes.
Blossom, blossom I love thee
We want to watch the blossom all week
Light pink leaves shine on the sea,
Blossom, blossom please come to me.
Blossom, blossom falling on me
Candy floss, strawberry frost
Some trees have more blossom
Little trees give me bees
Shake that blossom
Rake that blossom
Bees love it insects like it
Do you know what I am thinking
Charge ! Bees away
Blossom makes me feel young
Busy bees buzzing
And some smelly cow pat.
Blue sky, pink blossom
Send out 1500 bees
To blossom our trees
Little bee my names dean
You better come or I'll be mean
Old tree old tree don't fall on me
Sea of blossom sitting on the tree
As white as white can be.
Soldiers is a word for single file trees.
Blossom is shaped, the bark is torn.
Now my coat is white as snow
Leaves look like green candy wrappers in the breeze
Bees are buzzing everywhere
Whizzing here and whizzing there
Trees covered with pink confetti
From head to toe
Goes with the wind then falls to the ground
Like helpless snowflakes
The tree leans to one side like an old man standing
Wind is like a friend
Wind is like your shadow
When the wind blows
Blossom falls like an avalanche
Blossom is pink, snow is white
It makes a beautiful flower
Wishing them to grow all overnight
Buttercups are butter yellow
Blossom is white, like my kite.
Bees are buzzing, like children playing
Bees are collecting honey
Helping the juicy apples grow.
Candy floss, strawberry frost
Mum's eye shadow and pink lip gloss
Blossom is as sweet as day
In lines of trees with a sunlight squeeze
Dark brown trunks as straight as monks
With pink powder on top in lump
-- Amy Price --

I am flying past the orchard
I see trees with blossom
And I'll fly back
And tell the other bees

But the tree says to himself
Phew, he's gone
But what if he comes back
With all the other bees

Charge ! Bees away
-- Hamish Gilpin --

Old tree old tree don't fall on me
Your hole in you makes me want to come and play
White purple pink blossom.
Falling like snow drops
Come on blossom and fall like snow
-- Ana Bream --

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