Brent Knoll - Harvest
Group Poems
Waxy skin, blazing colour all just a dull green
You can hear the apples falling in the wind
There are some apples that taste sour
There are some apples that taste sweet

Autumn come back please
Apples, apples don't fall on me
Mushy brown shiny red, bitter yellow sticky wax
Big and small, swoshy green
Shiny glossy bitter burgundy red, mushy brown sour yellow
Glossy- wossy apple tree
Maybe I can pick one and eat it for my tea.

The apples have appeared in the trees
There are only bright green and red apples left
I can't see much else, apples fill the air
Only five months ago, blossom covered everywhere.

Cider makers proud
Thrown into a trailer of pomace
Blossom gone - autumn has come
Red apples and green apples are lush to eat
Now our bucket is full
Morgan sweet is in the orchard
Lovely juicy early yellow
Hanging in the orchard
Streets of colour falling around.

When I look at the apples in the bucket
I feel like eating them all
Some apples can be really mankey
What boys would always eat
We go up the hill with sacks and buckets
Apples are fun when you eat them all
Ruby red and glistening clean

Apples juicy and shiny, red, green, brown
Sweet sour and mushy falling to the ground
Collecting apples in buckets
Colourful as can be
Sun shining at the apples
Apples fat and juicy
Need to go on a diet they're spotty stripy
Some the same colour all around.

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