Butleigh - Harvest
1,000 apples or more
Ready waiting in the store
Waiting for the bag to be
Poured into the machinery

Lying waiting for my death
My life will be from me theft
Then I am cut into little pieces
Its seems the squishing never ceases

Sharp knives stab me
Now I am in a sheep's belly
The path begins to bend
I am out of a sheep's back end

Then after 20 years or so
A nice tree begins to grow
And on this lovely tree
Is a slightly newer me.

Then I am picked by some men
And put in sack to eat again
That is the life of me
An apple from an apple tree.
-- Annabel Dukes. --

Trees streaked with cider apples
Some bitter sweet or sour
Some are really horrible
And some we can devour
Apples swinging in the trees
They swing because they are in the bree4ze
Branches falling in the storm
Apple pickers on their knees.
-- Archie Churchill-Moss --

Bramley seedling, Morgan sweet
All are good for us to eat
Improved dove and Gennet Moyle
Find them lying on the soil

           C I D E R
         P I P
           Dunkerton Sweet
Stoke Red

Orchards full of trees
In other words a dream
I see the perfect apple
And I am getting closer
Now I can reach out
Its rosy red
I've taken the first bite
But alas as I turn my apple round
The other side is BROWN
-- Katy Ball --

Group Poems
Different apples on streets of trees
Carpets of apples
Crunching under my feet
Apples red, sour and sweet
Fit for all of us to eat
Rosy red apples
Waiting for its time to fall
Apples tempting, must have more
Falling bouncing once
Blue skies shining, reflecting
Apples cuddling the grass and bedding down
Bitter sweet and sour
Grass littered with apples
Apples red and apples green
Ever so sweet and ever so clean
Waves of apples like the tide
Apples falling like parachutes
I am the seed that grows the tree
That grows the apple
That grows me.
Pip Pip Hooray !
Mine's rubbish
As I click my fingers
Dabinett sweet and sour
Apples falling by the hour
Apples swaying side to side
Waves of apples like the tide
That's all
-- Alfie Lee. --

Harvest brings all of the things
Apples red and apples green
All the apples that we have been seen
Are squished and squashed under my feet
-- Kate Durbin --

Different apples on streets of trees
Red and green blowing in the breeze
Sky is blue, long grass is green
Apples never to be seen
Carpets of apples in long grass
Waiting for the machine to pass
We think there's sixty tons of apples
Different types, even dappled.
-- Johnny Edmondson --

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