Creech St. Michael - Harvest
We went to Sheppy's cider farm
To see how apples are grown
They were brown and green
We looked at the orchard
They had two donkeys
When we were there it was raining and cold
We seen the apples being crushed
And the juice running.
-- Beth Tarr. --

I arrived at Sheppy's Cider farm
I saw the men crushing apple
We went to the museum
Saw a lot of old things
Like old crushing machines
In the museum we saw a lot of sharp things
When we tried the apple juice
It tasted very sweet and tanniny
Now we are writing poems about the cider farm
-- Jonathan Lambert --

When we arrived
We had to dive
Out of the bus
Because it was raining

We had a little break
So we didn't have to make
Such a racket.
We were wild !

We saw the cider press
But there was a lot of mess
So we saw big tanks
Where the cider was held.
But then it started to hail.
-- Rebekah Sydenham --

Group Poems
I saw a big machine
That crushed the apples
To make the cider and apple juice
And the machine was very, very big
And very, very strong
It was lifting up
And pushing against a metal platform
To make the orangey red juice
Which turns into cider.
-- Tray Loveridge --

When we arrived we went to see the apples
They were green, red, yellow and brown
They were sprayed with water
And crushed into smithereens.
-- Harriet Chinn --

It was cold and wet at the cider farm
There were seven chickens
Under the apparatus
Under the slide
The pomace was fed to the cows
Two donkeys were in the field
Sheltering from the rain.
-- Ellie Bradley --

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