Creech St. Michael - Harvest
We went to Sheppy's cider farm
To see how apples are grown
They were brown and green
We looked at the orchard
They had two donkeys
When we were there it was raining and cold
We seen the apples being crushed
And the juice running.
-- Beth Tarr. --

I love having apples
Especially cider
I like green apples
But certainly red

Makes me healthy
And my keeps teeth clean
But the thing I hate most
Is apple pie !
-- Lauren Hornsby --

I went into the press
It was cool and we had to draw a picture
Of men working very hard
Crushing apples, golden brown
It smelt like very sweet apples
Like vinegar and lemon mixed.

The apple juice tasted nice
It was very sweet and tasted like cider
But without the alcohol
The new press was an easy way
To make apple juice
But the old way was hard,
You had to have a massive stick.
-- Josh Winter --

Group Poems
I saw a big machine
That crushed the apples
To make the cider and apple juice
And the machine was very, very big
And very, very strong
It was lifting up
And pushing against a metal platform
To make the orangey red juice
Which turns into cider.
-- Tray Loveridge --

The apples are crushed
The apples are turned into juicy juice
And they store it all away in big vats
That are made out of oak
And they are enormous,
They are black and white.
-- Ryan Pittard --

Apples smelling sweetly
Crushing in the machine
Making juice trickling down
To the bottom, getting pumped into the vat
About 5 meters tall
Fermenting bubbles
Which make loud pop pop pop's
The next stage is bottling,
Ready to go out into the shops
-- Hannah Condick --

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