Creech St. Michael - Harvest
I went into the press
It was cool and we had to draw a picture
Of men working very hard
Crushing apples, golden brown
It smelt like very sweet apples
Like vinegar and lemon mixed.

The apple juice tasted nice
It was very sweet and tasted like cider
But without the alcohol
The new press was an easy way
To make apple juice
But the old way was hard,
You had to have a massive stick.
-- Josh Winter --

I love having apples
Especially cider
I like green apples
But certainly red

Makes me healthy
And my keeps teeth clean
But the thing I hate most
Is apple pie !
-- Lauren Hornsby --

Squashed apples, 300 tons pressure
180 gallons out of one ton
30 types of apple
Some suck some taste nice.

Pomace was the left over dried apple
Lots of mess on the floor
Squashed apples make the juice
Make sure the cheese isn't loose

Containers made of oak
Where they are plenty of folk
The cider juice tastes nice
I wish I had more.
-- William Trott --

Group Poems
Apples smelling sweetly
Crushing in the machine
Making juice trickling down
To the bottom, getting pumped into the vat
About 5 meters tall
Fermenting bubbles
Which make loud pop pop pop's
The next stage is bottling,
Ready to go out into the shops
-- Hannah Condick --

We tasted the Brown's apple juice
It was nice but sour, cold
Apples smelling sweet,
Crushing in the machine
Apple trees with green leaves
-- Sammy Trott --

Sweet and sour cider smells
Cold wet and raining
I saw six hens under a slide
I tasted the rain cold and wet
I heard the cider getting pushed
As apples got stamped
The juice was running out
Into a long pipe
Into a big tub called a vat.
-- Hannah Green --

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