Creech St. Michael - Harvest
The apples are crushed
The apples are turned into juicy juice
And they store it all away in big vats
That are made out of oak
And they are enormous,
They are black and white.
-- Ryan Pittard --

I arrived at Sheppy's Cider farm
I saw the men crushing apple
We went to the museum
Saw a lot of old things
Like old crushing machines
In the museum we saw a lot of sharp things
When we tried the apple juice
It tasted very sweet and tanniny
Now we are writing poems about the cider farm
-- Jonathan Lambert --

Squashed apples, 300 tons pressure
180 gallons out of one ton
30 types of apple
Some suck some taste nice.

Pomace was the left over dried apple
Lots of mess on the floor
Squashed apples make the juice
Make sure the cheese isn't loose

Containers made of oak
Where they are plenty of folk
The cider juice tastes nice
I wish I had more.
-- William Trott --

Group Poems
I went to Sheppy's farm
to see the golden apples
and to see them pressed
Into a cider cheese,
I tasted the apple juice
And I've seen them maturing
In ten ton oak vats

I saw the apple fall
I saw them being churned
I saw the apples being pressed
I saw the juice come out

Brown snout did say to Dabinett
How is your branch
I'm fine but I prefer to live in a fruit bowl
My mate Vilberie got a cosy little place
On a wooden plate in a kid's base.
-- James Morgan --

I went into the press
It was cool and we had to draw a picture
Of men working very hard
Crushing apples, golden brown
It smelt like very sweet apples
Like vinegar and lemon mixed.

The apple juice tasted nice
It was very sweet and tasted like cider
But without the alcohol
The new press was an easy way
To make apple juice
But the old way was hard,
You had to have a massive stick.
-- Josh Winter --

The apples grow on trees
And when they fall off
they are collected by the machine
And when they are collected
They are chopped into mush
Called pomace
It drops onto a board and a cloth
Then spread all about
The cheese then gets crushed to juice
Which is stored in big vats.
When it comes out
It is beautiful cider
When the people come along
They Gulp it all down !
-- Luke Marshall & Jonathan Denham --

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