Creech St. Michael - Harvest
When we arrived
We had to dive
Out of the bus
Because it was raining

We had a little break
So we didn't have to make
Such a racket.
We were wild !

We saw the cider press
But there was a lot of mess
So we saw big tanks
Where the cider was held.
But then it started to hail.
-- Rebekah Sydenham --

Tremlett's bitter really minging
One tonne weight, 30 crates
Squashed up apples
Get out juice !
Lots of apples getting cleaned
More than I've ever seen.
Big containers made or oak
Full of cider but I wish it was coke.!!

Rain Rain pouring down
Different apples red, green, brown
Constant whirring sound
Pomace on the ground
Smell wafting across the yard
The men's work is cold and hard.
-- Toby Willcocks, Chris Nation, Finley Grout --

When the big vats would bubble and jerk
With hunger from the smooth
Top quality apples with the tender
That's so great and the sweetness of sour.
-- Cameron Isherwood. --

Group Poems
Sweet and sour cider smells
Cold wet and raining
I saw six hens under a slide
I tasted the rain cold and wet
I heard the cider getting pushed
As apples got stamped
The juice was running out
Into a long pipe
Into a big tub called a vat.
-- Hannah Green --

When we arrived we went to see the apples
They were green, red, yellow and brown
They were sprayed with water
And crushed into smithereens.
-- Harriet Chinn --

Apples are crushed in a really big machine
They smell like a sweet aroma
Just coming from the sky

You hear bubbling from the vat
Where the crushed apple is put
But after that
It is left for about 3 months
And after that is it is bottled and out in the shops
But you will have to pay
The vat was really, really big
Like a giant barrel
It was made out of wood,
Oak that was quite a brown colour
But you will be glad to know
it will taste nice soon.
It is about 5 but that doesn't matter
Because it looks nice
Everyone will buy it soon.
-- Yana Coles --

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