Creech St. Michael - Harvest
We went to see the apples
They were brown and green
They were spread and crushed
Into a cider cheese

Then we went to see the big containers
Which had crushed apple juice
That turned into cider
And when we went outside it was cold and wet.
-- Hannah Court --

I love having apples
Especially cider
I like green apples
But certainly red

Makes me healthy
And my keeps teeth clean
But the thing I hate most
Is apple pie !
-- Lauren Hornsby --

The apples are crushed
The apples are turned into juicy juice
And they store it all away in big vats
That are made out of oak
And they are enormous,
They are black and white.
-- Ryan Pittard --

Group Poems
The rain tipped down
The donkey's gave a frown
The chickens hid
Its like they were in a container with a lid
A chicken house.

The apples were pressed
In a machine that was blessed
It was a pond cider
Then the crates got wider

After that we watched a video
It was like it was used by a vampire
In a cape, because it wasn't working
We were all lurking.
Apple pressing machines clanking away
Getting on your nerves all day
The pond of cider getting wider.
-- Lucy Thrussell --

We went to Sheppy's cider farm
To see how apples are grown
They were brown and green
We looked at the orchard
They had two donkeys
When we were there it was raining and cold
We seen the apples being crushed
And the juice running.
-- Beth Tarr. --

Pouring down rain of brown
Tremlett's bitter, really bitter
Squashed up apples
Get out the juice
Oak barrels, cider get ready
Wild yeast swishing juice
More apples getting clean
Now is raining, sun come out
Rain rain pouring down
Apples red, green brown
Pouring down rain of brown.
-- Alex Pearson --

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