Creech St. Michael - Harvest
When we arrived we went to see the apples
They were green, red, yellow and brown
They were sprayed with water
And crushed into smithereens.
-- Harriet Chinn --

We went to see the apples
They were brown and green
They were spread and crushed
Into a cider cheese

Then we went to see the big containers
Which had crushed apple juice
That turned into cider
And when we went outside it was cold and wet.
-- Hannah Court --

Squashed apples, 300 tons pressure
180 gallons out of one ton
30 types of apple
Some suck some taste nice.

Pomace was the left over dried apple
Lots of mess on the floor
Squashed apples make the juice
Make sure the cheese isn't loose

Containers made of oak
Where they are plenty of folk
The cider juice tastes nice
I wish I had more.
-- William Trott --

Group Poems
When we arrived
We had to dive
Out of the bus
Because it was raining

We had a little break
So we didn't have to make
Such a racket.
We were wild !

We saw the cider press
But there was a lot of mess
So we saw big tanks
Where the cider was held.
But then it started to hail.
-- Rebekah Sydenham --

I saw big vats full
Of smelling cider
Tall and dark oak wood
With white metal bars around
After that we went to see the cheese.
The machine smells like pure apple
Not what you get at Asda
With concentrates
But the pure apple juice
Tasted of tannin
Was sweet as cider.
-- Andrew Bryant --

Sweet and sour cider smells
Cold wet and raining
I saw six hens under a slide
I tasted the rain cold and wet
I heard the cider getting pushed
As apples got stamped
The juice was running out
Into a long pipe
Into a big tub called a vat.
-- Hannah Green --

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