Creech St. Michael - Harvest
I went into the press
It was cool and we had to draw a picture
Of men working very hard
Crushing apples, golden brown
It smelt like very sweet apples
Like vinegar and lemon mixed.

The apple juice tasted nice
It was very sweet and tasted like cider
But without the alcohol
The new press was an easy way
To make apple juice
But the old way was hard,
You had to have a massive stick.
-- Josh Winter --

Apples are crushed in a really big machine
They smell like a sweet aroma
Just coming from the sky

You hear bubbling from the vat
Where the crushed apple is put
But after that
It is left for about 3 months
And after that is it is bottled and out in the shops
But you will have to pay
The vat was really, really big
Like a giant barrel
It was made out of wood,
Oak that was quite a brown colour
But you will be glad to know
it will taste nice soon.
It is about 5 but that doesn't matter
Because it looks nice
Everyone will buy it soon.
-- Yana Coles --

When the big vats would bubble and jerk
With hunger from the smooth
Top quality apples with the tender
That's so great and the sweetness of sour.
-- Cameron Isherwood. --

Group Poems
Apples are crushed
By a big pressing machine
Juice it smells nice
And sweet,
Into the vat to be cider
Orchards all around.
-- Alice Sweeting --

The apples grow on trees
And when they fall off
they are collected by the machine
And when they are collected
They are chopped into mush
Called pomace
It drops onto a board and a cloth
Then spread all about
The cheese then gets crushed to juice
Which is stored in big vats.
When it comes out
It is beautiful cider
When the people come along
They Gulp it all down !
-- Luke Marshall & Jonathan Denham --

I am bumping along in the trailer
With the other apples
On our way to the cider press

Dropped into the apple hopper
I went, crushed and squeezed together

Plop ! I went onto the mat
and spreaded around , all around

Suddenly I was squeezed
Squeezed so hard
loads of juice dropped down

Pumped along the pipe, into giant oak vats,
swirling all around

Bubble bubble I go
Until I set into cider

After some weeks I was bottled
And packed ready to be sold

I sat on the shelf in the shop
Till someone to got me down.

I was sold then, I was drunk
And that's the end of me.
-- Ashley Brown --

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