Creech St. Michael - Harvest
Apples are crushed in a really big machine
They smell like a sweet aroma
Just coming from the sky

You hear bubbling from the vat
Where the crushed apple is put
But after that
It is left for about 3 months
And after that is it is bottled and out in the shops
But you will have to pay
The vat was really, really big
Like a giant barrel
It was made out of wood,
Oak that was quite a brown colour
But you will be glad to know
it will taste nice soon.
It is about 5 but that doesn't matter
Because it looks nice
Everyone will buy it soon.
-- Yana Coles --

An orchard has yummy fruit
Places like orchards are great
Pippin apples are red
Lord Lambourn are so yummy
Egremont Russet are red and green
Spartan are lovely to drink.

I went to the orchard
I did not see the blossom
Instead apples green and red
And grass.
All I seen was green on the trees
Apples crushed and squeezed into a pulp
Layers of wood and cloth and apple
Juice running down golden brown.
Vats tall and black and made of wood
All the apple juice pumped along
And left to ferment.
-- April Bishop --

We tasted the Brown's apple juice
It was nice but sour, cold
Apples smelling sweet,
Crushing in the machine
Apple trees with green leaves
-- Sammy Trott --

Group Poems
Sweet and sour cider smells
Cold wet and raining
I saw six hens under a slide
I tasted the rain cold and wet
I heard the cider getting pushed
As apples got stamped
The juice was running out
Into a long pipe
Into a big tub called a vat.
-- Hannah Green --

I went to Sheppy's farm
to see the golden apples
and to see them pressed
Into a cider cheese,
I tasted the apple juice
And I've seen them maturing
In ten ton oak vats

I saw the apple fall
I saw them being churned
I saw the apples being pressed
I saw the juice come out

Brown snout did say to Dabinett
How is your branch
I'm fine but I prefer to live in a fruit bowl
My mate Vilberie got a cosy little place
On a wooden plate in a kid's base.
-- James Morgan --

Pouring down rain of brown
Tremlett's bitter, really bitter
Squashed up apples
Get out the juice
Oak barrels, cider get ready
Wild yeast swishing juice
More apples getting clean
Now is raining, sun come out
Rain rain pouring down
Apples red, green brown
Pouring down rain of brown.
-- Alex Pearson --

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