Hugh Sexey - Harvest
An orchard

A cherry red apple, alone in an orchard
An eye catching apple alone in an orchard
A shining apple alone in an orchard
Now look around you.
-- Robert Sparks --

As far as you can see

Glastonbury Tor towers in the distance,
Like the king of the land
A shield of hills
Protecting this little orchard

The fluffy clouds not seeming that high up
Like a vibrant ceiling
With a soft velvet carpet of grass
And fallen apples

Then I see the apple trees
Scattered across the orchard
Oddly shaped but beautiful
In their own way

All around me is peace and quiet
No roaring of car engines
Just the birds singing
And Roger Wilkins deep laugh.
-- Eve Taschimowitz --

Hanging Hovering and Humming

A clear blue sky not a cloud in sight
A high hot sun shining bright over head
Apples hanging in every tree glistening in the light

Dragonflies hovering above the long green grass
A light breeze moving amongst the green apple trees
Juicy apples falling all over the orchard

Bees humming as they buzz through the air
Birds flying through the sky
The rich smell of cider apples as they are pressed to make juice.
-- Martha Emeney --

Group Poems
A Somerset Orchard

Glastonbury Tor
Tall and grey
Across the sea
Of patchwork fields.

Closer towards me
Green and red
Apple trees
In a Somerset Orchard.
-- Samantha Chinnock --

Apple juice

Nice and sweet
Then becomes sour
Nice and fresh from the apples

Very yummy I need more
Glass by glass
Can't be enough

Very refreshing
On a warm autumn day
Tastes like a cider apple

The smell of apples
Being crushed
The workmen making cider.
-- Serin Rayner --

Cider farm and Orchard

As we sit in the grass
Where the apples grow
Wind rustling in the trees
Which grow in uneven rows

Dog is guarding the cider farm
As we watch apples being pressed
People helping the owner
Whilst they work, we are impressed.
-- Christie Zanelli --

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