Hugh Sexey - Harvest
Autumn in the orchard

Sweet, sweet apples growing in the yard
Lush green fields and moss grown trees
Summer will come and summer has gone
And with it the bees.

Clusters of scarlet apples, hanging in suspense
Bright blue sky deceives the eye
While breezes gently blow, and the
Blue birds twittering seem almost shy .

Hefty laughter from down the hill
Where the cattle graze and sleep
A dog keeps guard over the farm
And the apples in a heap

A far away figure in the mist
Drifting in the air
Is it real, or is it not ?
Or is it even there ?

Glassy waters, frozen lakes
Upon a hill the great grey church
And far away a farmhouse stands
With trees pine, oak and birch

The peace and serenity of the orchard
Seems daunting and almost scary
In the midst of all the noises
Watch, but be wary.
-- Carla Gordon --

The apples

A pitter-patter of little feet
As we trek up the almost mountain-like hill
To our astonishment the blossom was gone
Not a trace
But now the apples grow in full
I walk on a carpet of red, green and yellow apples
Slipping and sliding I get to the top
From there I can see across the levels
Kingston Black and Dunkerton's Late
Lovely cider they do make
We taste the cider from the crusher
It is amazing
As the day ends I am glad I've been
I'm privileged to see the things I've seen.
-- George Cressy --

Cider Story

Apples go up get crushed
Then are dropped back down
Spread by hand
As layers and layers are piled on
Cheese cloths soak it up then let go
Left only with pomace for the cattle
A treat of half cardboard apple.
-- Hesham Afifi --

Group Poems
The Cider factory

The smell of the cider
As strong as the taste
The noise of the machines
- Deafening

Deep, rough laughter
The squeezing of the apples
Rambling men's talk
- careful cooperation

The floor is damp
Apple juice everywhere
Sacks being opened
- a trailer full of sacks.
-- Samantha Chinnock --

Apples Falling

Apples falling from trees around
Landing on the grassy ground
Bags of apples all different types
Packed together all nice and ripe
Dragon flies buzz as they fly by
Green leaves from trees cover the sky.
-- Rosie Hodgson --

Orchard of Feelings

Hundreds of apples shading me from the violent sun
Around me, a rainbow surrounds
The ground of beautiful greens
Behind me, a crowd of birds sing their sweetest song
While picking at bruised apples.

In front of me I see a world of silence
Laying and waiting for something to stir up
Inside me I feel happy, sad, hurt and well
Outside me, the grass tickles my fingertips
While I gently fall into a calm sleep.
-- Jessica Searle --

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