Hugh Sexey - Harvest
Cider Story

Apples go up get crushed
Then are dropped back down
Spread by hand
As layers and layers are piled on
Cheese cloths soak it up then let go
Left only with pomace for the cattle
A treat of half cardboard apple.
-- Hesham Afifi --


The machines start to rev themselves up
Then the apples get lifted up
Apples go in Juice comes out
The amazing flavours what its all about.

Sitting down in the damp long grass
I look around
Red and green apples litter the ground
Then I look down and see
Vast acres of fields and beauty
Rolling hills in the far, far distance
With the peaceful feeling of tranquillity.
-- Ross Babbington --

Apple Orchard

Red apples, green apples, sweet apples, sour
All these apples spread wide across the grass
In many different colours
The wet grass gets kicked into the sky
As we walked up into the orchard
Some of the trees slanted and some are straight
Red apples, green apples, sweet apples, sour
-- Robbie Marshall --

Group Poems
The Cider factory

The smell of the cider
As strong as the taste
The noise of the machines
- Deafening

Deep, rough laughter
The squeezing of the apples
Rambling men's talk
- careful cooperation

The floor is damp
Apple juice everywhere
Sacks being opened
- a trailer full of sacks.
-- Samantha Chinnock --

The time when orchards at its peak

The sun beats down on my back
Wasps nestle in the side of sweet apples
Yellow, red and green
Falling from the apple tree
While the flies and bees search for sweet nectar
Sitting in the hands of a tree
The branches and palms of the trees
Are full of glistening sweet apples
Sparkling in the sun light
While the grass sways around my feet
The wind calling through the branches
Full of apples. Still peaceful and quiet.
-- Jenna Purves --

Cider farm and Orchard

As we sit in the grass
Where the apples grow
Wind rustling in the trees
Which grow in uneven rows

Dog is guarding the cider farm
As we watch apples being pressed
People helping the owner
Whilst they work, we are impressed.
-- Christie Zanelli --

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