Hugh Sexey - Harvest
Apple juice

Nice and sweet
Then becomes sour
Nice and fresh from the apples

Very yummy I need more
Glass by glass
Can't be enough

Very refreshing
On a warm autumn day
Tastes like a cider apple

The smell of apples
Being crushed
The workmen making cider.
-- Serin Rayner --

Orchard of Feelings

Hundreds of apples shading me from the violent sun
Around me, a rainbow surrounds
The ground of beautiful greens
Behind me, a crowd of birds sing their sweetest song
While picking at bruised apples.

In front of me I see a world of silence
Laying and waiting for something to stir up
Inside me I feel happy, sad, hurt and well
Outside me, the grass tickles my fingertips
While I gently fall into a calm sleep.
-- Jessica Searle --


Apples are like friends
They're always there when you need them
-- Robert Sparks --

Group Poems

The machines start to rev themselves up
Then the apples get lifted up
Apples go in Juice comes out
The amazing flavours what its all about.

Sitting down in the damp long grass
I look around
Red and green apples litter the ground
Then I look down and see
Vast acres of fields and beauty
Rolling hills in the far, far distance
With the peaceful feeling of tranquillity.
-- Ross Babbington --

The apples

A pitter-patter of little feet
As we trek up the almost mountain-like hill
To our astonishment the blossom was gone
Not a trace
But now the apples grow in full
I walk on a carpet of red, green and yellow apples
Slipping and sliding I get to the top
From there I can see across the levels
Kingston Black and Dunkerton's Late
Lovely cider they do make
We taste the cider from the crusher
It is amazing
As the day ends I am glad I've been
I'm privileged to see the things I've seen.
-- George Cressy --

Cider Story

Apples go up get crushed
Then are dropped back down
Spread by hand
As layers and layers are piled on
Cheese cloths soak it up then let go
Left only with pomace for the cattle
A treat of half cardboard apple.
-- Hesham Afifi --

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