Hugh Sexey - Harvest
The colour of leaves

Sacks of apples under the tree
Roger Wilkins laughing with glee
The colour of leaves stuns my sight
I never knew they could reflect so much light

Down in the shed the murmured talk
You can even hear it when you walk
In the barn where apple get presses
Drinking apple juice you never get stressed
-- Jack Rowley Noble --

The cider and the apple

The smell of cider wafts through the air
The press is mounted with crushed apples
As the darkness falls around me in the gloom
Men spread the apple on the press and cover it with cloth
Boarded up with a slab of wood
Men do this 11 or 12 times
This ancient place towers over me
Dark and gloomy
Coldness comes over thee
Apple juice sweet sour and sharp
Pours out of the bottom
Pushed along the rails
Squeezed out even more
Just to be fermented.
-- Jenna Purves --

My View

I stand in my orchard
Where I've always stood
The wind whistles through me
I stretch
And release three scarlet apples
The bags of apples
Resting against me
Help me stand straight
On strong yet weary roots
Suddenly through the gate
Come these strange yet familiar creatures
They lean against me
Receive nourishment from my apples
They talk, they laugh
They draw with twigs on small pieces of white -
Clouds maybe
They look at me - I stand up proud
They make a flash cover me
From what ? a piece of silver box metal
And then as soon as they had come
They went
And left me standing proud
Full of sun
My leaves full of wind
And here I am
I stand in the orchard
And think of the creatures
All imagining my view.
-- Samantha Chinnock --

Group Poems
Apples Falling

Apples falling from trees around
Landing on the grassy ground
Bags of apples all different types
Packed together all nice and ripe
Dragon flies buzz as they fly by
Green leaves from trees cover the sky.
-- Rosie Hodgson --

Apple Orchard

Red apples, green apples, sweet apples, sour
All these apples spread wide across the grass
In many different colours
The wet grass gets kicked into the sky
As we walked up into the orchard
Some of the trees slanted and some are straight
Red apples, green apples, sweet apples, sour
-- Robbie Marshall --

An orchard

A cherry red apple, alone in an orchard
An eye catching apple alone in an orchard
A shining apple alone in an orchard
Now look around you.
-- Robert Sparks --

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