Hugh Sexey - Harvest
The cider and the apple

The smell of cider wafts through the air
The press is mounted with crushed apples
As the darkness falls around me in the gloom
Men spread the apple on the press and cover it with cloth
Boarded up with a slab of wood
Men do this 11 or 12 times
This ancient place towers over me
Dark and gloomy
Coldness comes over thee
Apple juice sweet sour and sharp
Pours out of the bottom
Pushed along the rails
Squeezed out even more
Just to be fermented.
-- Jenna Purves --

Biting into a cider apple

Sour and crunchy
Yet sweet in cider
Thousands fill the glass
Sacks of them piled by the trees
Soon to be changed into flowing cider

Tangy skins
Soft inside
Sometimes green
And sometimes rosie
Gallons of cider to be made

Quiet and peaceful
Air full of sweetness
The cockerel sounds its call
In the middle of October
The sun is shining
Ripening the apples sweet

Trees everywhere
Filled with apples
The farmers are coming to collect them
Yet some are left on the ground
For animals to feast on.
-- Serin Rayner --

An orchard

A cherry red apple, alone in an orchard
An eye catching apple alone in an orchard
A shining apple alone in an orchard
Now look around you.
-- Robert Sparks --

Group Poems
A Somerset Orchard

Glastonbury Tor
Tall and grey
Across the sea
Of patchwork fields.

Closer towards me
Green and red
Apple trees
In a Somerset Orchard.
-- Samantha Chinnock --

My View

I stand in my orchard
Where I've always stood
The wind whistles through me
I stretch
And release three scarlet apples
The bags of apples
Resting against me
Help me stand straight
On strong yet weary roots
Suddenly through the gate
Come these strange yet familiar creatures
They lean against me
Receive nourishment from my apples
They talk, they laugh
They draw with twigs on small pieces of white -
Clouds maybe
They look at me - I stand up proud
They make a flash cover me
From what ? a piece of silver box metal
And then as soon as they had come
They went
And left me standing proud
Full of sun
My leaves full of wind
And here I am
I stand in the orchard
And think of the creatures
All imagining my view.
-- Samantha Chinnock --

Autumn in the orchard

Sweet, sweet apples growing in the yard
Lush green fields and moss grown trees
Summer will come and summer has gone
And with it the bees.

Clusters of scarlet apples, hanging in suspense
Bright blue sky deceives the eye
While breezes gently blow, and the
Blue birds twittering seem almost shy .

Hefty laughter from down the hill
Where the cattle graze and sleep
A dog keeps guard over the farm
And the apples in a heap

A far away figure in the mist
Drifting in the air
Is it real, or is it not ?
Or is it even there ?

Glassy waters, frozen lakes
Upon a hill the great grey church
And far away a farmhouse stands
With trees pine, oak and birch

The peace and serenity of the orchard
Seems daunting and almost scary
In the midst of all the noises
Watch, but be wary.
-- Carla Gordon --

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