Kingsbury Episcopi - Harvest
Apples are sweet and so is the juice
Big mounds of apples as far as you can see
The smell of cider is nice and tasty.
-- Callum Corbett --

First I was blossom on a tree
Then an apple green and red
Then I am picked
Then I am squashed
Then I am fermented
Then I am in a bottle
Then I am well and truly drunk.
-- Grace Green --

Cider's sweet cider's yummy
Cider makes people very, very drunk
Apples being washed apples being pressed
Makes me very thirsty
Big brown barrels
Apple juice apple juice
Is so yummy
-- Kyle Butler --

Group Poems
I am an apple dropping dead
It is a long way down
Hello mate I fell
Ouch I bruised myself
Shhh someone is coming
They're picking me up
They have bitten me
Bye bye see you later
-- Charlotte Gilliam --

Sweet and sour
Bramley and stoke red
Lots of kinds of apples
All mushed up in a jug
At two pound a piece
They are crunchy
And soft red and green
Lovely juicey and munchy.
-- Daniel Brain --

I'm a piglet
I sit there
People are throwing apples at me
My mum's stealing them off me
I squeal and I screech
I hear apples being crushed
I am glad I am not one of them
-- Honor Elliott --

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