Kingsbury Episcopi - Harvest
Apple juice smell like sweet blossom
Filling the air with sweet songs

The taste of apples makes my taste buds explode
They are sweet but sour.
-- Grace Green --

My favourite colour
Smells like it too
Red as a rose
Looking at you

Picking them up
Squashing them flat
Turns into juice
Sleek as a cat.
-- Martha Parkinson --

Apples are sweet and so is the juice
Big mounds of apples as far as you can see
The smell of cider is nice and tasty.
-- Callum Corbett --

Group Poems
The fermenting noise in the tank
Is like a locomotive
Like an apple engine
It smells like apples and cider
We can hear cider farm noises
Coming from the shop
And tractors brumming past
Apples coming from the trees
And then being pressed.
-- Chris Glyde --

First I was blossom on a tree
Then an apple green and red
Then I am picked
Then I am squashed
Then I am fermented
Then I am in a bottle
Then I am well and truly drunk.
-- Grace Green --

Apples are green
Apples are red
They are full of heavy juice
Be careful or they might fall on your head

Apples are sweet
Apples are juicy
Apples are full of goodness
Just like me !

Munch munch, Yum Yum
We are a happy bunch.
-- Holly Cox --

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