Kingsbury Episcopi - Harvest
Barking dog, tractor's booming, sour apples
Whirlpool water, popping bubbles
Apple crushing all colours
Lots of land, 150 acres
Apple juice apples mountain high
Apples sweet apples yummy
Apples in my tummy.
-- Josh Smith --

Nineteenth century press
Pigs dogs
Apple juice
Sweet and sour
Cox Bramley in my garden
Piles of apples about to be pressed
Floating in a gully in a pit
Then up an elevator
To be mashed up
Then through the belt press
Twentieth century press
Barrels full of cider in a barn.
-- Bradley Cole --

Sweet and sour
Sour and sweet
Round and floating
Under feet

15 acres
Hoover sound
Sea of apples
Sinking sound

Splat splat
Thud thud
Apples falling
In a flood.
-- Martha Parkinson --

Group Poems
Apple juice smell like sweet blossom
Filling the air with sweet songs

The taste of apples makes my taste buds explode
They are sweet but sour.
-- Grace Green --

Cider's sweet cider's yummy
Cider makes people very, very drunk
Apples being washed apples being pressed
Makes me very thirsty
Big brown barrels
Apple juice apple juice
Is so yummy
-- Kyle Butler --

I am an apple dropping dead
It is a long way down
Hello mate I fell
Ouch I bruised myself
Shhh someone is coming
They're picking me up
They have bitten me
Bye bye see you later
-- Charlotte Gilliam --

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