Kingsbury Episcopi - Harvest
Sweet and sour
Sour and sweet
Round and floating
Under feet

15 acres
Hoover sound
Sea of apples
Sinking sound

Splat splat
Thud thud
Apples falling
In a flood.
-- Martha Parkinson --

First I was blossom on a tree
Then an apple green and red
Then I am picked
Then I am squashed
Then I am fermented
Then I am in a bottle
Then I am well and truly drunk.
-- Grace Green --

Apples are green
Apples are red
They are full of heavy juice
Be careful or they might fall on your head

Apples are sweet
Apples are juicy
Apples are full of goodness
Just like me !

Munch munch, Yum Yum
We are a happy bunch.
-- Holly Cox --

Group Poems
I am a sheep, a little sheep
Ouch apples keep hitting me on the head
I have a limp, a broken leg
I jump and prance
Oh No theyr'e coming again
People they have got guns
They are going to kill me
Like Elvis the cockerel
Scrunched apples squelching.
-- Brianne Faull --

I am an apple dropping dead
It is a long way down
Hello mate I fell
Ouch I bruised myself
Shhh someone is coming
They're picking me up
They have bitten me
Bye bye see you later
-- Charlotte Gilliam --

Apples are falling on the floor
Piglets are drunk, too many apples
Presses are pressing a cheese
Land everywhere
Elegant horses eating apples
Sheep baaing and going

Juice is lovely
U are loving the apples I see
Cutting and biting the apples
I love them too
Easy way to make a living.
-- Charlotte Gilliam --

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