Kingsbury Episcopi - Harvest
Sweet and sour
Sour and sweet
Round and floating
Under feet

15 acres
Hoover sound
Sea of apples
Sinking sound

Splat splat
Thud thud
Apples falling
In a flood.
-- Martha Parkinson --

A waterfall of apples
Torrent of red and green
Sinking sand
Sweet and sour
Splat squelch
Floating flicking
Rumble of a train
-- Martha Parkinson --

Apples are green
Apples are red
They are full of heavy juice
Be careful or they might fall on your head

Apples are sweet
Apples are juicy
Apples are full of goodness
Just like me !

Munch munch, Yum Yum
We are a happy bunch.
-- Holly Cox --

Group Poems
Cider's sweet cider's yummy
Cider makes people very, very drunk
Apples being washed apples being pressed
Makes me very thirsty
Big brown barrels
Apple juice apple juice
Is so yummy
-- Kyle Butler --

Apples are sweet and so is the juice
Big mounds of apples as far as you can see
The smell of cider is nice and tasty.
-- Callum Corbett --

The fermenting noise in the tank
Is like a locomotive
Like an apple engine
It smells like apples and cider
We can hear cider farm noises
Coming from the shop
And tractors brumming past
Apples coming from the trees
And then being pressed.
-- Chris Glyde --

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