Creech St. Michael - Wassail
We saw rows of trees
There wasn't any leaves
The wind blowing in the breeze
Like frozen peas.

Lots of trees and colourful fields
Ten thousand apple trees
Rabbits eating bark off branches
The pear trees are old, nearly sixty years old.
-- Lauren Hornsby --

Chobblers crunch up big long sticks
Grafting using melted wicks
Grubbing, pulling whole trees up
Crunching apples putting juice in a cup
We saw the oldest tree in the line
But really to me they all combine
We watched Robin pruning the trees
And he said the deer eat all the leaves.

The insects caused the branches to bend
The have to prune to make it mend
There was evidence of animals going down the rows
Because you could see footprints of their toes.
Today I had really good fun
Even though there was no sun.
-- Yana Coles --

When I went to the orchard
I felt calm and relaxed
I could hear the wild sound of the birds
And there was a gentle sway in the trees.

When I went into the orchard
I noticed the short stubbiness
Of the dwarf trees
I noticed the tall big and brown trees
They were at least fifteen years old
They had old bark and looked a bit battered.
-- Toby Willcocks --

Group Poems
Lots of tree, trees, trees
Black and yellow bees, bees, bees
Rabbits nibbling, nibbling, nibbling
Trees being chopped chopped chopped

The swans were white and had big wings
Lots of fruit and lots of things
Rabbit poo everywhere you see
June and Robin had a cup of tea.

This time of year they have to prune
10,000 trees have to be done
37 different apples are grown
We walked past the green river Tone.
-- Beth Tarr --

Trees, trees, lots of trees
Trees, trees everywhere
Untidy trees, tidy trees
Tiny trees, massive trees
Trees, trees, lots of trees
Trees, trees everywhere
-- Martin Bennet --

When we went to Charlton Orchard
Ready to be pruned with a pruning saw and secateurs
Deer and rabbits prune them too
But they do it all wrong.

Three swans flying above us
Bryan the dog running around the orchard
While deer and rabbits prune up the orchard.
-- Jack Woodbridge. --

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