Creech St. Michael - Wassail
Lots of tree, trees, trees
Black and yellow bees, bees, bees
Rabbits nibbling, nibbling, nibbling
Trees being chopped chopped chopped

The swans were white and had big wings
Lots of fruit and lots of things
Rabbit poo everywhere you see
June and Robin had a cup of tea.

This time of year they have to prune
10,000 trees have to be done
37 different apples are grown
We walked past the green river Tone.
-- Beth Tarr --

Today we did pruning
10,000 trees to do
Lot of people working
Loads of rabbit poo
Rabbits have been nibbling
Nibbling, nibbling nibbling
Rabbits have been nibbling at the bark
Deers have been rubbing, rubbing, rubbing
Deers have been rubbing at the branches

Swans have been flying, flying ,flying
Swans have been flying through the sky
I have been learning, learning, learning
I have been learning about the orchard.
-- Ashley Brown --

When I went to the orchard
I felt calm and relaxed
I could hear the wild sound of the birds
And there was a gentle sway in the trees.

When I went into the orchard
I noticed the short stubbiness
Of the dwarf trees
I noticed the tall big and brown trees
They were at least fifteen years old
They had old bark and looked a bit battered.
-- Toby Willcocks --

Group Poems
Oldest tree since 1947
It's sometimes like a heaven
Hurry up apples
It time for you to come.

Lots of facts
For ever more
Hurry up apples
Raspberry, pears and lots lots more

So come to the orchard
You'll see
Branches, Twigs
New and old trees, animals.

So hurry up apples
I you come to the orchard
You'll see lots lots more.
-- Rebekah Sydenham --

Lots of yellow and green apple grass
Three swan flying above us
Lots of fishes in the canal
Two bunnies skipping round
Ten thousand trees waiting to be cut
Two deer bounding about
Brian comes up through the trees
And runs off as soon as he sees us.
June and Robin Small pruning the trees
With saws and secateurs.
Hexagon shaped mesh like beehives.
Rabbits eating the bark of the fallen branches.
Trees have been growing in the orchard since 1948.
-- Finley Grout --

Swans over head, rabbits under foot
Apples to the right, raspberries to the left
Robin straight ahead, pruning
Apple pear and plum trees
June at Robin's side grafting pear with plum.
-- James Morgan --

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