Creech St. Michael - Wassail
The bulging trees and the yellow grass
Blended with the countryside
Pruning branches with rabbits stripping
The bark off the apple trees
So they put nets on the trunk
The trees been grubbed out
Every twenty years
And we were there. It was good.
-- Josh Winter. --

When I went to the orchard
I felt calm and relaxed
I could hear the wild sound of the birds
And there was a gentle sway in the trees.

When I went into the orchard
I noticed the short stubbiness
Of the dwarf trees
I noticed the tall big and brown trees
They were at least fifteen years old
They had old bark and looked a bit battered.
-- Toby Willcocks --

In Charlton Orchard
They're pruning trees
They will saw off
The branches one by one
And Bryan ran loose.
-- Jonathan Denham --

Group Poems
Winter Visit to Charlton Orchards

Trees, trees, trees
How I saw trees
Apples pears, plums
For my tum tum.

They had to prune the trees
For rabbits, birds and bees

When I went into the orchard
I saw ten thousand trees.
And three swans
It was fun at the orchard.
-- April Bishop --

Grafting was the amazing fact
Grubbing trees and flying bees
Taking away the disease, canker
The fruit buds and different shaped trees
Rabbits jumping and deer thumping
Mud sludging, grass has grown
Twigs and branches thrown,
Birds are flying, some plums are dying
Green fly and red fly, sucking up the goodness
While the fruit has got so much fruitness
The saw and the secateurs slice and snip
Branches with buds on the tips.
-- Hannah Condick --

Trees being pruned
Gross, wet and soggy
Swans flying high
Birds chirping happily
Workers taking a break
Down in the orchard

Brown trees, Green trees
White swans, Blue sky
Black dog, pink blossom
What a colourful orchard.

Crunching of leaves
Chirping of birds
Whistling of a train
Drumming of woodpeckers
Pounding of a dog
Swaying of the trees
What a noisy orchard.
-- Harriet Chinn, Hannah Green, Sammy Trott --

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