Creech St. Michael - Wassail
Chobblers crunch up big long sticks
Grafting using melted wicks
Grubbing, pulling whole trees up
Crunching apples putting juice in a cup
We saw the oldest tree in the line
But really to me they all combine
We watched Robin pruning the trees
And he said the deer eat all the leaves.

The insects caused the branches to bend
The have to prune to make it mend
There was evidence of animals going down the rows
Because you could see footprints of their toes.
Today I had really good fun
Even though there was no sun.
-- Yana Coles --

Swans flying through the sky
Cutting branches down to size
Clouds in the air
Brian running everywhere
40 acres of greenery
Lots of wildlife
10,000 browny apple trees
Swaying gently in the breeze.
Here comes the chobbler
Picking up sticks
Get out of its way
Quick, quick, quick.
-- Chris Nation --

Clipping, snipping, sawing and pruning
Apples, pears, raspberries too
They all need pruning
With saw and secateurs
Extra twigs and branches
Stuck in rows between the trees
Ready for the chobbler to do its work
Eating them up, tidying them away
And when they're too old its time for grubbing
Pulled out of the ground, chopped and burnt
Clipping, snipping, sawing and prunin
-- Ryan Pittard --

Group Poems
Swallows curving in the sky
I like the taste of apple pie
Pruning and grubbing up.
It's like an assault course
Ice cream's nice with apple sauce
In the sky there's a goose
Cooling glass of apple juice
Apples gathered in a cart
Ready to be made into apple tart
In the cobwebs there's a spider
Watching everyone drinking cider
When everybody lets out a sigh
Then its time to say goodbye.
-- Luke Marshall --

Swans over head, rabbits under foot
Apples to the right, raspberries to the left
Robin straight ahead, pruning
Apple pear and plum trees
June at Robin's side grafting pear with plum.
-- James Morgan --

The bulging trees and the yellow grass
Blended with the countryside
Pruning branches with rabbits stripping
The bark off the apple trees
So they put nets on the trunk
The trees been grubbed out
Every twenty years
And we were there. It was good.
-- Josh Winter. --

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