Creech St. Michael - Wassail
There were three swans flying gracefully
Down the river shimmering in the dark
Cloudy sky with their white, long and wide wings flapping
Up and down, over the orchard
Watching men and women pruning the trees.
14 acres of land with 10,000 trees
To be done while the rabbits eat the bark
Of the small branches, deer way away the hedge
For a walk way.. If you stay quiet
You will hear helicopters buzzing
And trains rustling in the wind.
-- Andrew Bryant --

Clouds in the air
Brian running everywhere
Swans flying in the sky
Cutting the branches
So we get more apples
Luke sneezed 37 times
37 apple kinds.
-- Jonathan Lambert --

Clipping, snipping, sawing and pruning
Apples, pears, raspberries too
They all need pruning
With saw and secateurs
Extra twigs and branches
Stuck in rows between the trees
Ready for the chobbler to do its work
Eating them up, tidying them away
And when they're too old its time for grubbing
Pulled out of the ground, chopped and burnt
Clipping, snipping, sawing and prunin
-- Ryan Pittard --

Group Poems
Swans flying through the sky
Cutting branches down to size
Clouds in the air
Brian running everywhere
40 acres of greenery
Lots of wildlife
10,000 browny apple trees
Swaying gently in the breeze.
Here comes the chobbler
Picking up sticks
Get out of its way
Quick, quick, quick.
-- Chris Nation --

Swans over head, rabbits under foot
Apples to the right, raspberries to the left
Robin straight ahead, pruning
Apple pear and plum trees
June at Robin's side grafting pear with plum.
-- James Morgan --

Tree tree just for me
Buzzing in the air
Like a bumble bee

Tree, tree just for me
Apples so bitter
Don't drop litter

Trees trees wood of brown
Rain rain pouring down
Apples on the land

Tree, tree just for me
Worcester, Worcester just for me
Lots of pruning on the ground.
-- Alex Pearson --

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