Creech St. Michael - Wassail
The orchard trees
Blowing in the breeze
Swans high in the sky
Ready for apple pie
Twigs on the ground
Making a rustling sound
Deers sniffing in the air
For a juicy pear
Muddy boots walking
Over the trees roots
Birds humming
Someone's coming
Hide in the hay
Because it's the end of your day.
-- Samantha Dinham --

Lots of tree, trees, trees
Black and yellow bees, bees, bees
Rabbits nibbling, nibbling, nibbling
Trees being chopped chopped chopped

The swans were white and had big wings
Lots of fruit and lots of things
Rabbit poo everywhere you see
June and Robin had a cup of tea.

This time of year they have to prune
10,000 trees have to be done
37 different apples are grown
We walked past the green river Tone.
-- Beth Tarr --

Trees being pruned
Gross, wet and soggy
Swans flying high
Birds chirping happily
Workers taking a break
Down in the orchard

Brown trees, Green trees
White swans, Blue sky
Black dog, pink blossom
What a colourful orchard.

Crunching of leaves
Chirping of birds
Whistling of a train
Drumming of woodpeckers
Pounding of a dog
Swaying of the trees
What a noisy orchard.
-- Harriet Chinn, Hannah Green, Sammy Trott --

Group Poems
Charlton Orchards: 10,000 trees
Take 3 months to cut down to size
But if you leave the leftovers from the cuttings
The rabbits will have their feast for the night.
-- Cameron Isherwood --

Swans flying through the sky
Cutting branches down to size
Clouds in the air
Brian running everywhere
40 acres of greenery
Lots of wildlife
10,000 browny apple trees
Swaying gently in the breeze.
Here comes the chobbler
Picking up sticks
Get out of its way
Quick, quick, quick.
-- Chris Nation --

Swans flying in the air
Brian running everywhere
Mr Small pruning trees
Deer and rabbit scarpering everywhere
A big tractor chopping wood
Mr Small talking all he could.
-- Luke Roper --

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