Creech St. Michael - Wassail
Today we did pruning
10,000 trees to do
Lot of people working
Loads of rabbit poo
Rabbits have been nibbling
Nibbling, nibbling nibbling
Rabbits have been nibbling at the bark
Deers have been rubbing, rubbing, rubbing
Deers have been rubbing at the branches

Swans have been flying, flying ,flying
Swans have been flying through the sky
I have been learning, learning, learning
I have been learning about the orchard.
-- Ashley Brown --

The bulging trees and the yellow grass
Blended with the countryside
Pruning branches with rabbits stripping
The bark off the apple trees
So they put nets on the trunk
The trees been grubbed out
Every twenty years
And we were there. It was good.
-- Josh Winter. --

Grafting was the amazing fact
Grubbing trees and flying bees
Taking away the disease, canker
The fruit buds and different shaped trees
Rabbits jumping and deer thumping
Mud sludging, grass has grown
Twigs and branches thrown,
Birds are flying, some plums are dying
Green fly and red fly, sucking up the goodness
While the fruit has got so much fruitness
The saw and the secateurs slice and snip
Branches with buds on the tips.
-- Hannah Condick --

Group Poems
There were three swans flying gracefully
Down the river shimmering in the dark
Cloudy sky with their white, long and wide wings flapping
Up and down, over the orchard
Watching men and women pruning the trees.
14 acres of land with 10,000 trees
To be done while the rabbits eat the bark
Of the small branches, deer way away the hedge
For a walk way.. If you stay quiet
You will hear helicopters buzzing
And trains rustling in the wind.
-- Andrew Bryant --

Chobblers crunch up big long sticks
Grafting using melted wicks
Grubbing, pulling whole trees up
Crunching apples putting juice in a cup
We saw the oldest tree in the line
But really to me they all combine
We watched Robin pruning the trees
And he said the deer eat all the leaves.

The insects caused the branches to bend
The have to prune to make it mend
There was evidence of animals going down the rows
Because you could see footprints of their toes.
Today I had really good fun
Even though there was no sun.
-- Yana Coles --

Hop hop
Goes me
Lots of things are above me.
I live in an orchard
Loads of people come
And scare me away.
But I stay of course
Cos I love it here.
Lots of apples, twigs raspberries and pears
So hop hop hop goes me
Because I am a rabbit for evermore.
-- Rebekah Sydenham --

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