Creech St. Michael - Wassail
Trees being pruned
Gross, wet and soggy
Swans flying high
Birds chirping happily
Workers taking a break
Down in the orchard

Brown trees, Green trees
White swans, Blue sky
Black dog, pink blossom
What a colourful orchard.

Crunching of leaves
Chirping of birds
Whistling of a train
Drumming of woodpeckers
Pounding of a dog
Swaying of the trees
What a noisy orchard.
-- Harriet Chinn, Hannah Green, Sammy Trott --

Swans flying in the air
Brian running everywhere
Mr Small pruning trees
Deer and rabbit scarpering everywhere
A big tractor chopping wood
Mr Small talking all he could.
-- Luke Roper --

Clipping, snipping, sawing and pruning
Apples, pears, raspberries too
They all need pruning
With saw and secateurs
Extra twigs and branches
Stuck in rows between the trees
Ready for the chobbler to do its work
Eating them up, tidying them away
And when they're too old its time for grubbing
Pulled out of the ground, chopped and burnt
Clipping, snipping, sawing and prunin
-- Ryan Pittard --

Group Poems
Swallows curving in the sky
I like the taste of apple pie
Pruning and grubbing up.
It's like an assault course
Ice cream's nice with apple sauce
In the sky there's a goose
Cooling glass of apple juice
Apples gathered in a cart
Ready to be made into apple tart
In the cobwebs there's a spider
Watching everyone drinking cider
When everybody lets out a sigh
Then its time to say goodbye.
-- Luke Marshall --

Swans flying higher than high
We didn't see deer, I don't know why
37 different apples, too many to choose from
While pruning watch my thumb

A man talking to a tree
I wouldn't if it were me
Gooseberry grown in a field
A lady bird that Toby almost killed.
-- William Trott --

Clouds in the air
Brian running everywhere
Swans flying in the sky
Cutting the branches
So we get more apples
Luke sneezed 37 times
37 apple kinds.
-- Jonathan Lambert --

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