Hugh Sexey - Wassail
Aubergine and mustard green

A horse in the orchard
A strange place to be
Wandering around
With no one to see.

The horse and the grass
No apples to eat
What makes him happy
Or stand on his feet

He looks with his eyes
Into the trees
A forest of colours
Aubergine and mustard green
-- Jack Rowley Noble --

The daffodil

Bright yellow, dark green
Dancing in the grass, you'll see
Covered in rain drops
Moist and wet
See her in the springtime
I'll bet.
-- Jessica Searle --

Looking Back

Ivy twists itself around the flying branches of the trees
The lush green ground littered with sun-bright flowers
Wind whistles around the grass singing its silent song
Auburn, brown, apples sit on the wavering grass
Trees branches twist and turn like they never end
A cockerel sings its good morning song
While a silent horse, chestnut, brown,
Moves slowly through the grass
Ears pricked and tail down-hanging.

The air piercing cold
No jumper of rainbow leaves for the trees
Rain drops gather on the petals of each and every flower
Twitters of the birds fill the air with joy
Remembering last year's summer.
-- Jenna Purves --

Group Poems
Life in the orchard

Primroses sprinkled over the lush grass
Feather like clouds above the earth
Soft, cold, shivery, iron like, wind
The sound of cockerel's morning song
Lingers in the air
Such peace and tranquillity.
-- Jenna Purves --


Still and quiet
The orchard lies asleep
Resting, just calmly resting
In the freezing winter breeze.
-- Hesham Afifi --

Where has the sun gone ?

I stand, I wait,
Only a cold wind cuts across my face
Bare branches wither
The trampled grass quivers
As the sun floated away.

Although there are murky colours,
And the trees creak in the breeze
Only crisp, spiky shapes are shown
The wind leaves its mark when it blows
But the beauty of the orchard still lies.
-- Eve Taschimowitz --

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