Hugh Sexey - Wassail
Something's missing

Cold wind and grey sky
Misty distances and trees so high
But the orchard stays green as ever.

Apples missing, leaves missing
Cows and sun missing
The orchard has become dull

There was no cider being made
There were no apples being collected
Nothing.... Nothing...... nothing.
-- Robbie Marshall --

The daffodil

Bright yellow, dark green
Dancing in the grass, you'll see
Covered in rain drops
Moist and wet
See her in the springtime
I'll bet.
-- Jessica Searle --

A tree

I stand here
Cold but not lonely
Others all around me
The daffodil bright yellow
Popping its head out to another spring day
The grass quivering in the wind
The horse walking around silently
Eating happily
And the brambles pricking people
As they walk past.
In the orchard silent but not lonely.
-- Christie Zanelli --

Group Poems
Orchard Spring

The winter wind whips at our hands and faces
The dull grey sky looms low overhead
But there's a reason why we are here
Something special is in the orchard, something beautiful
Something older than you and me but yet young and fiery.
We are not here for the fresh air or exercise
We've come to see the trees of the orchard
Stripped of their leaves and apples
But still standing strong with pride.
The only colour comes from the grass and the twining ivy
Covering the tree like a full head of shaggy hair
Daffodils bloom, butter cups twinkle
This dull place is teeming with life gearing up for spring.
-- Hannah Puddy --

Aubergine and mustard green

A horse in the orchard
A strange place to be
Wandering around
With no one to see.

The horse and the grass
No apples to eat
What makes him happy
Or stand on his feet

He looks with his eyes
Into the trees
A forest of colours
Aubergine and mustard green
-- Jack Rowley Noble --

The orchard pony

The light thud of pony's hooves
Slowly nibbling the long green grass
Her mane flying in the strong wind
The soft touch of her warm neck
The gentle breeze of her hot breath
Trotting away under the apple trees
In the peace of the orchard, her home.
-- Martha Emeney and Serin Rayner --

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