Hugh Sexey - Wassail

Still and quiet
The orchard lies asleep
Resting, just calmly resting
In the freezing winter breeze.
-- Hesham Afifi --

Aubergine and mustard green

A horse in the orchard
A strange place to be
Wandering around
With no one to see.

The horse and the grass
No apples to eat
What makes him happy
Or stand on his feet

He looks with his eyes
Into the trees
A forest of colours
Aubergine and mustard green
-- Jack Rowley Noble --

The daffodil

Bright yellow, dark green
Dancing in the grass, you'll see
Covered in rain drops
Moist and wet
See her in the springtime
I'll bet.
-- Jessica Searle --

Group Poems
The orchard pony

The light thud of pony's hooves
Slowly nibbling the long green grass
Her mane flying in the strong wind
The soft touch of her warm neck
The gentle breeze of her hot breath
Trotting away under the apple trees
In the peace of the orchard, her home.
-- Martha Emeney and Serin Rayner --

Orchard in Hibernation

From the sun and now the dullness
The tall green grass has turned to mud
Apples galore are now no more
Instead a few half eaten remains
No white sacks prop the blossoming trees
Now the bases of the trunks are bare
A horse in the field roams
As if the whole orchard belongs to him,
We are on his territory but he doesn't mind
We perch upon a fallen tree taken by the wind
Then we rumble down the steepest hill
To the metal base down below
Where we see several pheasants
Hanging from the roof
The orchard is in hibernation
It will come out some day soon.
-- George Cressy --

One small shed

No light, so dull, not a sound
A sharp tangy smell of cider wafting through the air
Pheasant feathers of all colours tied up round the skull
The floor dampened and moist
Delicious smells of jams, mustards and jellies
My mouth watering with the look
Of all the fruit of the world,
So quiet, no machines whirring,
Just that lovely sweet smell,
Award winning eggs of all different sizes.
So many things in just one small shed.
-- Jenna Purves --

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