Kingsbury Episcopi - Wassail
Spring in the orchard

The orchard looks nice
And it looks summery
Because the summer sun is coming
Through the different types of branches
On the different types of trees
The shade of the trees
Looks like a giant spider's web.

It's a fly's heaven and the trees
Look like dangling skeletons
The trees are set out
So it looks like a apple motorway
There are so many trees
That a sniper could hide in there
Some trees are falling down
But some trees are really straight
The trees look like big chocolate flakes
The trunk of the trees are very rough.
-- Kyle Butler --

Springy Wintertime

In the spring the sun is shining
Everyday the lambs are playing
The leaves are growing and the blossom
Under a log I found a worm!
The apple trees are sprouting
And the beautiful green orchard
Blowing with the wind.
-- Kristy Wright --

Orchard in Time

These trees are so bare
They only blossom when they dare
There are so many branches
Running in every direction
There is a mesh all around
To stop cows rubbing the bark down.
They are so very straight
Like a motorway so tight
Sunlight beaming down
You can almost see them frown
From leaves to apples to branches
These trees have nothing but buds
Which will come around in May.
-- Chris Glyde --

Group Poems

Brown leaves everywhere, so are flies
And some trees are going to die
There is sparkling webs from spiders
But there is no more cider
All the trees are bare, the buds are just growing
And they lost their leafy hair.
-- Josh Smith --

Daniel's poem

Bare and lonely trees standing alone
Like skeletons in a graveyard
A few apples hanging on the trees
Rotting and moulding
The trees are highways, straight as rulers
Going on for ever, miles and miles
A few sheep wandering around with their young
Songbirds singing in the background
Mistletoe hanging, waiting for winter
A lonelysome pheasant calls for his partner
Tractors humming in the background
Lambs racing around playing tig
Geese honking and lying down to sleep zzzz.
-- Daniel Brain --


Lambs are playing
Hens are laying
Orchard is close to blossom
Trees are sprouting
Dead wood is mounting
Upon the muddy green grass.
-- Daisy Baggs --

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