Kingsbury Episcopi - Wassail
Winter Orchard

Dark and flaky brown and bare
Tractors humming up and down
Trees are covered in all different colours
And bending in the breeze
Lots of humming by the bees
And lots of old dead broken leaves.
-- Charlie Walls --

The beginning of spring

Tractors humming all the time
Wind blowing in the wind chimes
All the lambs are playing about
They chase the farmer who gives a shout
The cockerels are crowing most of the day
All the hens are ready to lay
Geese are hissing at every one
All of them are chasing just for fun
Spring is coming, its almost here
Do not worry there is nothing to fear.
-- Callum Corbett --

Between the trees

Green, brown, beige, and grey
All sheep munching hay
Tractors humming round and round
Not the very best sound.
-- Tom Moore --

Group Poems

Lambs are playing
Hens are laying
Orchard is close to blossom
Trees are sprouting
Dead wood is mounting
Upon the muddy green grass.
-- Daisy Baggs --

Who am I ?

We are bare
The sheep are grazing
The apples are gone
The children come and draw me

What am I ?

I am red and juicy, and good to eat
What am I ?
-- Holly Cox --


No leaves No blossom
Just twigs
Just dead trees
Just bare trees

One or two sheep
Playing around with lambs
They look so sweet. Its spring.
-- Honor Elliott --

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