Kingsbury Episcopi - Wassail
Spring in the orchard

The orchard looks nice
And it looks summery
Because the summer sun is coming
Through the different types of branches
On the different types of trees
The shade of the trees
Looks like a giant spider's web.

It's a fly's heaven and the trees
Look like dangling skeletons
The trees are set out
So it looks like a apple motorway
There are so many trees
That a sniper could hide in there
Some trees are falling down
But some trees are really straight
The trees look like big chocolate flakes
The trunk of the trees are very rough.
-- Kyle Butler --

The beginning of spring

Tractors humming all the time
Wind blowing in the wind chimes
All the lambs are playing about
They chase the farmer who gives a shout
The cockerels are crowing most of the day
All the hens are ready to lay
Geese are hissing at every one
All of them are chasing just for fun
Spring is coming, its almost here
Do not worry there is nothing to fear.
-- Callum Corbett --

Orchard playground

I love sunny days
It makes me want to play
The lambs are so bouncy
Running round playing tig
They can jump so high
Almost like a buzzing fly
The trees are so bent
Like a little tent
The sheep belt so fast
Almost like a boy racer
Going ever so fast.
-- Chris Glyde --

Group Poems
6 am

Lambs, lambs
Crunchy crunchy
That is all I hear
I'm hanging on by my roots
I'm going to fall soon
Lets make the most of the lambs
And the crunchy, dewy morning.
-- Grace Green --


Lambs are playing
Hens are laying
Orchard is close to blossom
Trees are sprouting
Dead wood is mounting
Upon the muddy green grass.
-- Daisy Baggs --

March 2005

No apples to fall
No apples to eat
No apples to drop at my feet

Spring is coming
Spring is near
Everyone will cheer

Apples are the greatest of the year.
-- Holly Cox --

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