Kingsbury Episcopi - Wassail
6 am

Lambs, lambs
Crunchy crunchy
That is all I hear
I'm hanging on by my roots
I'm going to fall soon
Lets make the most of the lambs
And the crunchy, dewy morning.
-- Grace Green --


Lambs are playing
Hens are laying
Orchard is close to blossom
Trees are sprouting
Dead wood is mounting
Upon the muddy green grass.
-- Daisy Baggs --

Flocks of trees

Lambs so small
Trees so big
Lambs jumping in the air
Trees being chopped if they are dead
Lambs brown, black or white
Trees so bare
Lambs so timid
Trees stand there looking dead
Lambs are dancing in my head
Trees falling to pieces.
-- Briannie Faull --

Group Poems

Brown leaves everywhere, so are flies
And some trees are going to die
There is sparkling webs from spiders
But there is no more cider
All the trees are bare, the buds are just growing
And they lost their leafy hair.
-- Josh Smith --

Who am I ?

We are bare
The sheep are grazing
The apples are gone
The children come and draw me

What am I ?

I am red and juicy, and good to eat
What am I ?
-- Holly Cox --

Sheep Lookout

Lambs are frolicking
Buds growing
Branches reaching out
To get them,
Must be trimmed
To prevent
The war of orchard trees

They'd shoot gnarled branches
Buds of steel
They would get the birds
To make us kneel.
-- Martha Parkinson --

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